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Some typical questions and answers can be found here. If not please feel free to email us.

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  1. Comfort of learning from your own home
  2. Ability to work a job while you learn career skills
  3. They offer ultimate convenience and flexibility
  4. Reduced costs
  5. You can learn at your own pace
  6. Expand your career horizons
  7. Gain access to insights from experts in their fields
  8. Learn to expand your professional network
  9. Greater ability to concentrate on and review material
  10. Study according to your learning style

You can access your course through the website or mobile device once you have setup an account.

There are no prerequisites for wanting to own your career to fulfil your purpose.

All courses are currently in English so a working proficiency in English is advised.

You can take more than once course at a time. You can also start and stop your learning progress as is most suitable for your busy life.

However, as in learning any new skill, field practice is the ultimately learning environment so we recommend staggering your online and offline learning to maximise your outcomes.

Our passion is to see all our clients reach their potential so we do not recommend doing more than one course at a time.

Email us at contact@syzygycareers.com and we will explore what happened and try to resolve this.

Our online learning is built around topic modules and comprises of:

i) A short video for each module that covers the high level points expected to be learned in the module which can be viewed whenever convenient for you.

ii) a 4-10 page deeper dive explanation and discussion into the module topic.

iii) E-Book on the full course subject and its material.

iv) Some courses also come with a full printed book on the topic which is posted to your nominated address.

v) Most courses offer optional quiz’s to test your learning at various points through the course

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